Putting Victims First

It’s a strange paradox that as a society we talk a lot and hear a lot about the need to reduce crime, bring offenders to account, the dreadful impact crime can have and the need to offer effective support to victims. Yet we also turn to crime as a means of light entertainment: crime novels,…

GDPR and what it means for victims

Most people last week were bombarded with emails, that you may have felt you were actually a victim of this new data protection legislation yourself. But as the calm is restored after the last few weeks of madness you might wonder what is GDPR all about and crucially what does it mean for victims. The…

Victims Choice

EU Victims Day 2017

22 February marks EU Victims Day and awareness is being raised all around Europe, specifically by members of Victim Support Europe. Supporting Justice are getting involved through the following:   Victims Choice Website Announcement Supporting Justice is proud to announce the development of Victims Choice, a new website designed to provide information to all victims…

cruise ship crime

Cruise Ship Crime

On 2 January 2017, a passenger’s body was found in the M/V Sharden’s ventilation shaft 2 months after being reported missing. On 23 December 2016, a 74 year-old woman was reported missing from the Queen Mary 2 and was thought to have fallen overboard. In November, a woman was allegedly sexually assaulted by a fellow passenger aboard