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Criminal Justice post referendum

The result of the EU referendum last month seemed to take most people by surprise. The seismic shifts that have taken place in our political landscape in such a short space of time are testament to that; no one really expected a “leave” vote and no one expected we would have a new prime minister…


EU Directive Blog Series: The right to access and support from victim support services

  By Sam Maxwell Smith   A core component of the Victims’ Directive (2012/29/EU) comes under Article 8, ‘Right to access victim support services’, and Article 9, Support from victim support services.’[1] It sets out the requirements for member states to ensure access to victim support services and the minimum support such services must provide,…


An unspoken truth

When we think about victims of domestic abuse we may be tempted to think of only of women victims and survivors; and statistics do show that the majority of victims are women. No one would wish to dispute this.  Women are, as all evidence shows, more likely to be victims of domestic violence, yet we…


Europeans Unite for Victims’ Rights

Just a month ago, on November 9th, on a blustery but bright afternoon, representatives from across our continent came together in Brussels for a conference organised by Victim Support Europe. The conference programme was focused on the imminent implementation of the European Union Directive on establishing minimum standards on the rights, support and protection of…