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male victim dv

An unspoken truth

When we think about victims of domestic abuse we may be tempted to think of only of women victims and survivors; and statistics do show that the majority of victims are women. No one would wish to dispute this.  Women are, as all evidence shows, more likely to be victims of domestic violence, yet we…


Vulnerable victims: we still haven’t got it right.

A response to HMIC report – PEEL: Police effectiveness 2015 (vulnerability). A national overview By David Kenyon   Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary has just published one of its PEEL reports on police effectiveness. The report focuses on police performance in relation to identification and assessment of vulnerable victims and the support they get. It…


Europeans Unite for Victims’ Rights

Just a month ago, on November 9th, on a blustery but bright afternoon, representatives from across our continent came together in Brussels for a conference organised by Victim Support Europe. The conference programme was focused on the imminent implementation of the European Union Directive on establishing minimum standards on the rights, support and protection of…


Modernising Justice through Technology

In a recent speech the President of The Queen’s Bench Division, Sir Brian Leveson, articulated a vision of the criminal justice system that embraces the use of modern technology. Sir Brian highlights in his speech the need for the justice system to approach the benefits new technology can bring, not simply to build greater use…