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Survivors UK: A struggle to survive.

The Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 recognised in law, for the first time, that rape, a dreadful and devastating crime, could be committed against, not just by, a man. Previously it was an offence that could only ever see men as perpetrators and not victims. The recognition that men could also be victims…


One Nation

So the general election is behind us and we got a clear result; no horse trading over votes (for now) and one party that can now begin to implement its manifesto. But the hope must be, as it is always, that the listening mode of the politicians that is such a part of every election…


Legal Aid- A Price Worth Paying?

Legal aid has been given a heightened profile in the run up to the general election in two days’ time. A letter to The Guardian newspaper over the weekend, signed by a range of many distinguished and informed heavyweights from the legal, medical and social care world makes a good case for a fresh look…


Language – why we need to get it right!

There is a fascinating and pertinent article in The Journal of April 25th written by Mia Doering. It’s all about language and, specifically, the language that surrounds and informs the reality of sexual violence against women and girls. . The article is both pertinent and fascinating because it is, indeed, language that not only informs…


Witness Service Goes Live

Last Wednesday, April 1st was the day Citizens’ Advice Witness Service went live, the day the court based service that supports witnesses and their families across England and Wales switched from Victim Support to Citizens’ Advice. Our team at Supporting Justice have been deeply involved in the run up to this day and have been…


A voice for victims

We live at a time when the visual is just as, if not more, important than words; indeed, when we are bombarded with the notion that “image is everything” it’s easy to lose sight of the substance that needs to sit behind it. That can be as true of websites as it is of the…