Supporting Justice is proud to announce the first ever national quality mark for victim services. Victim services are provided by a vast range of agencies and this has only expanded since commissioning was devolved to PCCs. The organisations that deliver victim services differ in many ways, from large scale national services to very small community start-ups. The services they provide are largely unregulated – there are no industry standards, yet these organisations provide support to some of the most vulnerable people in society.

Supporting Justice have developed the Victims Choice Quality Mark which will assess victim services against 5 standards of victim care. It is innovative in its approach as it looks at what a victim will receive rather than at the organisation itself. This quality mark will provide both providers and commissioners of services with an independent verification of the quality and effectiveness of those services. It will help generate and promote service improvements and boost the confidence of victims, commissioners and providers.

The Quality Mark will help assure victims that they are getting the best possible, high quality care and that these services have been properly assessed and deliver what they say they will.

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