The assessment of the Victims Choice Quality Mark involves assessing the service against each of the 5 victim care standards through examining evidence that meets a number of quality criteria. The assessment looks at whether there is enough evidence against each criteria to meet the standard. Where a provider is able to evidence that they meet all the criteria for all the standards, they are awarded a quality mark. A quality mark demonstrates that the service delivers what victims need, and in meeting the standards, we are assured that they deliver excellent victim care.

The process of assessment has 5 stages

1. Self assessment

The self assessment is a comprehensive questionnaire that the victim service provider will complete and submit to Supporting Justice. Some specific documentation will be asked for within the self assessment but other relevant documentation should be submitted that support the answers provided in the questionnaire.

2. Review of evidence

Supporting Justice will review the questionnaire and evidence provided and ask for supplementary information by email or phone as required and if appropriate. This review of the evidence will identify areas in need of further discussion at the site visit.

3. Site visit

The site visit will act as a mechanism to check some of the responses in the questionnaire with staff/volunteers of the victim service provider and get further clarification or gather additional evidence where needed. The site visit will involve some observations of work, dip sampling of case records and provide an opportunity to talk to service users through one to one interviews or focus groups.

4. Scoring

Following all of the evidence gathering, the information is reviewed and marked according to a scoring matrix which identifies whether the criteria for each standard have been met. This matrix will act as a development action plan for service improvement.

5. Report

The assessment along with the scoring matrix will be written into a draft report and submitted to the provider for checking against factual accuracy and for comment. Once the draft report is received by us, it is reviewed and finalised and the Victims Choice Quality Mark is awarded, as appropriate. A certificate, digital page and template press release will be provided to successful applicants.

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