Victims know where to get help and find it easy to access

Taking the first step to access a support service can be a very difficult decision. Any barriers faced by victims can provide a reason to turn back. Therefore, it is vital that victims know about the services available to them and find them easy to access, at a time and in a way that’s right for them.

Victim services should promote the support they provide in appropriate places and ways that assist the target client group to identify the what is available and how it may help. The mission statement of the service should be clearly defined and victims should have a clear idea of the support on offer. It’s important to strike a balance in terms of the information provided and avoid overwhelming victims with too much material.

Victims come from diverse backgrounds and places and therefore it is important that service access points reflect this.

Tailoring communication to the victim group is important, as is ensuring that combinations of oral and written information (in relevant languages) are available.


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