Supporting Justice has a wide range of subject matter experts who are demonstrably credible and independent. We work effectively and efficiently and are able to review and audit services provided to victims and witnesses. We look to  identify and help develop good practice and, if weaknesses are identified, we can make clear and well-focused recommendations for improvement. We can help organisations have real confidence in the effectiveness of services they are funding or delivering.

We have worked with the Commission for Victims and Survivors in Northern Ireland. Our initial work, auditing and assessing the services offered to victims and survivors and making key recommendations, was well received and our 23 recommendations were accepted in full by the Northern Ireland Executive and Assembly. Our work involved engagement with many groups and individuals who had been deeply affected, both physically and emotionally by the conflict/troubles in Northern Ireland. We were able to deliver a fresh, people focused approach to how those in need of help and support are treated. We re-audited the service 6 months later and made further recommendations and were commissioned to design a new needs assessment process.

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