Why is there a need for a victim service quality mark?

There has been considerable improvement over the past few years in services that help support those affected by crime. There were an estimated 6.4 million incidents of crime experienced by adults over the age of 16 in the year ending…

EU Directive post referendum

The EU Victims’ Directive (Directive 2012/29/EU) came into effect on 16th November 2015. Its aim is to establish the minimum standards for the equal rights, support and protection to all victims of crime in EU Member States.

Criminal Justice post referendum

The result of the EU referendum last month seemed to take most people by surprise. The seismic shifts that have taken place in our political landscape in such a short space of time are testament to that; no one really…

Brexit – Your vote: What about Victims and Witnesses?

The “Brexit” debate, which will lead to a defining moment in our history and set the tone and course of our relations with Europe and the rest of the world, has been almost exclusively focused on the economy and immigration.

An unspoken truth

When we think about victims of domestic abuse we may be tempted to think of only of women victims and survivors; and statistics do show that the majority of victims are women. No one would wish to dispute this.

Europeans Unite for Victims’ Rights

Just a month ago, on November 9th, on a blustery but bright afternoon, representatives from across our continent came together in Brussels for a conference organised by Victim Support Europe.