Supporting Justice has developed the first Quality Mark for Victim Services. It is both an innovative and independent assessment. The Victims Choice Quality Mark will assess victim care services against 5 standards necessary for a service provider to effectively meet the needs of adult victims.
victim service quality mark
The Victims Choice Quality Mark is an assessment of victim care standards. At its gold level, it provides certification that the service is fit for purpose and delivers what victims need, demonstrating a very high standard of victim care. At its platinum level, it provides a benchmark for other services to aspire to, delivering a service that goes beyond what is expected and can be considered excellent.
The Victims Choice Quality Mark is innovative in it’s approach as it looks at what a victim will receive rather than at the organisation itself. This assessment examines the frontline services that the organisation provides and ensures that the service will meet the needs of victims. This makes it completely victim focussed.
The Victims Choice Quality Mark is obtained through an independent assessment by Supporting Justice. Supporting Justice are experts in the field of victim and witness care but do not directly deliver any frontline victim services. This means we are valued for our expertise but are not a competitor in the field of service delivery.
The Victims Choice Quality Mark is available to all adult victim service providers.

A quality mark for victim services for children and young people will be developed in 2017.

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