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It is vital that all professionals responsible for responding to victims after they have been affected by crime are empathetic, competent and confident to provide quality and effective support.

Supporting Justice provides a range of training and development packages for professionals working with victims of crime to ensure they have the right set of tools, skills, knowledge and expertise in helping victims.

All of Supporting Justice’s training and development have been designed to meet the needs of support services and their commissioners who work to support of victims of crime. Our materials and expertise are practical in focus to assist professionals to carry out their day-to-day roles effectively.

  • Would you like to review your training?
  • Is your organisation Victim Code compliant?
  • Have you won a new contract and need support to mobilise a new piece of work quickly?
  • Do your staff work with victims and have your staff got the knowledge and skills to do this sensitively and effectively?
  • Are you adding a new area of work to your portfolio and need some assistance?

Using our subject matter expertise we can design and deliver learning solutions that work best for your organisation. This may include delivery of training events, writing material to support in-house blended learning programmes, as well as working with training departments to build the knowledge of internal trainers.

Our learning programmes have covered all areas of victim and witness care, from basic victim impact and criminal justice processes, to specialistic service provision such as a risk-based approach to domestic abuse, supporting victims of sexual violence, and supporting those bereaved by homicide.

We have designed a blended learning volunteer pathway for CA Witness Service, involving multiple modules.

Designing numerous bespoke learning packages from one off training sessions to full learning pathways. Our training has been delivered to over 3000 delegates and we are confident that what we deliver works.

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Training in the following topics;

  • Victim Awareness
  • Sensitive Communication
  • Impact of Crime – Burglary, Domestic and Sexual Abuse, Road Crime, Hate Crime, Serious Assault and Murder
  • Criminal Justice Processes

Our team has extensive experience in developing learning programmes in all aspects of victim and witness care. Our learning programmes draw on evidence based best practice and ensure your workforce have all the essential knowledge and skills to deliver a sensitive and effective response to victims and witnesses.


Dates Available 2020

ASB Awareness: How to work with Victims

Our ASB course equips you with the knowledge needed to understand the impact on victims and communities, along with the skills to empathise with and address the problems that victims face.

This one-day course will provide a basic awareness of the subject of anti-social behaviour and the impact on those experiencing it. It will provide practical advice on working with victims of ASB so that they better engage with professionals and the justice system

Our team of consultants can tailor courses to address issues affecting victims and witnesses to improve knowledge and understanding. We can help increase creative strategic thinking in your organisation, giving skills to line managers and ensure frontline staff are well prepared.

Most importantly, we do it in collaboration with you. We will meet with you to take a detailed brief, discuss our approach and the options that would best suit your organisation.

We have extensive experience in designing and delivering training materials and courses. This includes face to face delivery sessions and the design of distance learning materials. We offer coaching and mentoring services and have experience in team building with staff and volunteers, to enhance the capabilities and capacity of organisations and individuals. 

If you would like to discuss your training needs, please contact us or email today to discuss our huge range of solutions .


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