Victim Lincs Quality Mark Award

We are delighted to announce that Victim Lincs (Victim Lincs) has been awarded a Quality Mark demonstrating they deliver an excellent service for victims of crime in Lincolnshire.Congratulations to all those who deliver this vital service.

This award is the result of an assessment based on the five key standards in our Supporting Justice Quality Mark:

We base our assessment on outcomes delivered to victims (and witnesses) and not simply on policies, procedures or some of the other more usual bases on which audits and assessments are carried out (e.g. finance/ governance/ HR). It is very much victim focused.

The service delivered by Victim Lincs delivers an excellent service and a high standard of victim care. There is a culture of collaboration between colleagues and this has proved crucial in maintaining high quality services during the current pandemic. This was the first assessment we have conducted (entirely) remotely and the team at Victim Lincs were impressive in their cooperation and commitment to the process. Victims we spoke to all found the service helpful and were enthusiastic in their praise for the service and the team who deliver it.

The team at Victim Lincs kindly offered us some observations following the assessment:
Whilst the process took time to arrange, remotely, the team all felt at ease and we received very good feedback from those who took part in interviews from outside Victim Lincs.
The process wasn’t as daunting as it may have been as the assessors were so approachable and explained things along the way. It was a thorough process from beginning to end. It is wonderful to see that our service has been recognised outside of our own organisation.

The award of a Quality Mark can certainly help a service not only to deliver continuous improvement but also to build public confidence and, especially, confidence among victims and witnesses, who are often vulnerable or marginalised. It helps highlight that there is help available to them and that their needs will be identified and, as much as possible, met.

If you are interested in learning more about our Quality Mark please contact or take a look on our Audit and Assessment page.