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WELCOME TO Supporting Justice 

Supporting Justice is a Community Interest Company that works predominantly in the criminal justice arena, specialising in issues affecting victims, witnesses and their needs. Our current work includes supporting Citizens Advice in the delivery of the Witness Service; a service for all witnesses in criminal courts in England and Wales. We have recently been working on the redesign of the Witness Service, the development of internal and externally facing policy and procedures, and the design and delivery of training for their almost 2,500 volunteers delivering the service. We have additionally worked with the Commission for Victims and Survivors in Northern Ireland, providing audit and assessment functions and we are developing our work in this area and in the area of commissioned services.

Supporting Justice brings unrivalled experience of the end to end victim and witness journey that includes the political, the policy and the operational environments. What makes us unique is that we have operated in the sector in a variety of senior and challenging roles for over twenty years.  Everything we do is grounded in this real life experience that drives our ambition that improvement is both necessary and possible. This mix of ambition and realism can help organisations and agencies utilising our expertise, deliver better services for victims and witnesses and drive solutions that are pragmatic and impactful.


If you have been a victim of crime outside of the UK, Victim Support Europe can help you find a support service.


Service Improvement

Supporting Justice has a wide range of subject matter experts.

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Victims Quality Mark

Quality Mark

The Victims Choice Quality Mark will assess victim care services against 5 standards.

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Victims Choice

Victims Choice Website

The Victims Choice website provides information on victim services around the UK

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Supporting Justice


We have specialist skills and knowledge in designing and delivering materials for service providers.

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Victim Led Care

We believe that services should be victim led and this is a principle that underscores all our work.

Becoming a victim or witness can have a significant effect on confidence and wellbeing. Victims and witnesses are thrown into a criminal justice world that they often don’t understand and they can feel powerless as a result. It is therefore important that in finding support after a crime a victim feels that they are able to take back some of the control they have lost. When advising policy makers and practitioners and helping design services, we aim to ensure that they afford the degree of flexibility to allow victims to regain control and make their own informed choices.

Tailored to the Individual

We believe that each victim is unique and it’s important that each person is valued and that support services are tailored to them. In advising policy makers and practitioners, we highlight that consideration of the diversity of victims and their understanding of factors that can impact how they might feel, react or take up support services is crucial. Services need to have the flexibility to adapt to these individual differences and tailor their support to the individual. We believe the same is true of our clients and customers and we tailor our approach to reflect the diversity of each one.

Effective Communication

Good communication is one of the key skills needed when working with people and vital when working with victims of crime. Effective communication is achieved through setting the scene, active listening focused on addressing need, discussing options and agreeing a way forward. In this way, you are able to ensure that both parties truly feel listened to and understand what is being said and agreed. We promote this principle in our work with clients.

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