Service Improvement

Supporting Justice has a wide range of subject matter experts who are demonstrably credible and independent. We work effectively and efficiently and are able to review and audit services provided to victims and witnesses. We look to  identify and help develop good practice and, if weaknesses are identified, we can make clear and well-focused recommendations for improvement. We can help organisations have real confidence in the effectiveness of services they are funding or delivering.

We have worked with the Commission for Victims and Survivors in Northern Ireland. Our initial work, auditing and assessing the services offered to victims and survivors and making key recommendations, was well received and our 23 recommendations were accepted in full by the Northern Ireland Executive and Assembly. Our work involved engagement with many groups and individuals who had been deeply affected, both physically and emotionally by the conflict/troubles in Northern Ireland. We were able to deliver a fresh, people focused approach to how those in need of help and support are treated. We re-audited the service 6 months later and made further recommendations and were commissioned to design a new needs assessment process.

Quality Mark

Supporting Justice has developed the first Quality Mark for Victim Services. It is both is an innovative and independent assessment. The Victims Choice Quality Mark will assess victim care services against 5 standards necessary for a service provider to effectively meet the needs of adult victims.

The Victims Choice Quality Mark is an assessment of victim care standards. It provides certification that the service delivers what victims need and demonstrates excellent victim care. It can also provide a benchmark for other services to aspire to, and delivers a service that goes beyond what is expected and can be considered excellent.

Advice and Capacity Buidling

We can advise and bring our expertise to bear on the commissioning of services. Effectiveness, best outcomes and value for money are key cornerstones of any services and we can help focus on these critical deliverables. Advice that cannot be translated into action is not effective: advice based on our deep insight and experience in the social and criminal justice sectors is both practical and deliverable. We believe that our expertise and input to Citizens Advice helped build the confidence within the Ministry of Justice that led to them awarding an annual grant of £12m to Citizens Advice to run the Witness Service in all criminal courts in England and Wales. Moreover, we have extensive experience in capacity building and will aim to bring your service to the next level.


We have specialist skills and knowledge in designing training courses and writing materials for service providers. Supporting Justice has developed a range of courses for the Witness Service including; Core Learning, Serious Crime course and Outreach training materials. These courses have been used to train the 2,500 volunteers that help support witnesses. Moreover, we have taken a lead on delivering these courses from our pool of expert trainers who have received outstanding feedback. Since Citizens Advice took over the running of the Witness Service in April 2015, we have delivered over 114 courses, ranging between 1 and 4 days long. We have also designed and delivered bespoke training courses relating to criminal justice and presented at a range of conferences and seminars both here in Britain and in European countries.

“Both tutors were exceptional in my opinion. I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated their techniques when teaching us the topic. I almost wish we had more time so that I could learn more off the two women who have, quite clearly, lots to teach and so much wisdom to provide.”

Provide Insight

Supporting Justice can provide the critical thinking necessary to make a real impact and we bring significant experience and expertise to our clients, particularly relating to victims and witnesses. We are well practised in translating policy intent into workable solutions with our staff having worked in policy, strategic and operational development roles in both service delivery organisations and central government.

Victims Choice

‘The level of professionalism, clarity of and standard of processes and policies being devised has not gone unnoticed! Not forgetting the feedback regarding the standard of the training being delivered over the transition fortnight!’

Victims Choice

It is vital that all victims and witnesses have access to the best possible services. Our relationships, developed over many years, are built on trust and competence. These, alongside our expertise and knowledge, give us the confidence to know that our work delivers what it promises.

‘Both tutors were exceptional in my opinion. I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated their techniques when teaching us the topic. I almost wish we had more time so that I could learn more off two women who have, quite clearly, lots to teach and so much wisdom to provide.’

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