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Terrorist attacks are unpredictable and are designed to cause mass fear and terror. Because of this, if you have been affected by terrorism, coming to terms with the physical and/or emotional impact of the incident can be complex and lengthy. You can access general emotional and practical support straight after an incident. And you may also be able to claim compensation if you’ve been the victim of a terrorist attack abroad.

How can I get help?

  • In an emergency, call 999
  • Victims needing specialist support later on can contact the Survivors Assistance Network. Please contact Terry O’Hara for further information by phone: 01925 581231 or email SAN@foundation4peace.org
  • Mental health support – please see this NHS trauma leaflet NHS trauma leaflet
  • Find a service local to you by searching on the Victims Choice website

If you are a foreign national in the UK
Foreign nationals in the UK affected by terrorism may wish to contact their embassy, high commission or consulate if affected by terrorism.